What is a Branded Mat?
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branded mat

A branded mat  (also called logo mats) is a floor mat which has a company branding or image either printed directly onto it or cut and inlaid. These can be made from a variety of materials, from soft carpet-like material which is suitable for indoor use to bristly coir fibres for scraping off dirt from shoes to fully constructed rubber outdoor mats which are weather resistant and durable.

Branded mats are a great marketing tool for businesses, giving customers a first impression of a business that they can remember and building brand recognition. This makes them a very cost effective form of advertising and an excellent way to get your business name out there.

Weaving Your Brand into Every Fiber: The Influence of Branded Mats

For yoga enthusiasts looking to add a bit of style to their practice, a yoga branded mat is the perfect accessory. Many professional sports teams, universities and government agencies have started to take advantage of the benefits of a branded mat to promote their brand.

The best branded yoga mats offer superior grip, comfort and durability, making them the ultimate workout accessories. The most popular choices are the SugaMat and the Yoga Zeal, both of which feature a grippy surface that’s also soft on the feet and antimicrobial. The SugaMat is also an eco-friendly choice, made in the USA from recycled surfing wetsuits and featuring a material that won’t grow bacteria or pick up germs. The Yoga Zeal, on the other hand, is a conscious option for yoga students because it’s crafted from cork that’s harvested in a sustainable manner where the bark of the tree is removed only once every decade.