Trackers For Plant Machinery
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Trackers for plant machinery are an essential tool to help businesses protect their valuable assets. These GPS-based devices monitor the location of plant vehicles in real time and send this data to a central monitoring system, which can be accessed by business owners or security personnel.

Plant tracking systems can help businesses prevent theft, increase the chances of recovery in the event of a theft and reduce maintenance costs by optimising equipment usage and identifying costly inefficiencies. They can also be used to improve compliance with health and safety regulations, preventing costly fines and reducing downtime through proactive maintenance planning.

Precision in Progress: The Role of Tracking Systems in Plant Machinery Management

When choosing a tracking system for your plant machinery, it’s important to consider how often you want to track your equipment and the size of your fleet. Smaller assets, such as inventory and IT hardware, may only need to be tracked periodically and could benefit from using Bluetooth trackers, which have a long battery life and can be easily hidden. For larger equipment, a GPS tracker with geofencing and over-speed alerts is ideal. These can be set up to trigger push notifications if the vehicle moves outside of a pre-set area and are perfect for helping to deter thieves.

Plant equipment trackers are a discreet, easy to install and affordable way to protect your valuable asset. They look like a black plastic box from the outside and are installed into your machine using either a magnet or sticky pad, which means they’re hard for thieves to spot. They then contain a SIM card, battery, radio signalling equipment and a movement sensor. These send a signal with its precise location once a day to your tracker software, so you can find out exactly where your machinery is at any given time.