Orange Creamsicle Strain
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Featuring a zesty citrus flavor profile and uplifting sativa effects, the orange creamsicle strain offers a balanced recreational and therapeutic experience. Its refreshing flavor and middle-of-the-road high are equally enjoyable when savored solo or shared with friends.

This fruity hybrid crosses Orange Crush with Juicy Fruit, both popular strains for those who appreciate tangy citrus flavors. Its terpenes deliver an aroma that smells like fresh orange and vanilla ice cream, with a hint of tropical fruit tossed in for good measure. Its high 15-17% average THC content delivers a relaxing high that promotes happiness and creativity, while helping to ease depression, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and pain.

Orange Creamsicle Strain: A Flavorful Delight with Soaring THC Levels

After a few inhalations, users notice a gradual uplift in their mood and sense of energy. Orange Creamsicle’s uplifting effects are subtle, however, and don’t interfere with day-to-day activities or responsibilities. Consumers report a constriction of blood vessels around the eyes and temples, which leads to a gentle body relaxation that melts away muscular tension and encourages deeper, easier breathing.

Orange Creamsicle’s energizing effects are free of the couch-lock and sleepiness that come with more pure sativas. This versatility makes it a great morning or evening smoke, whether it’s for a productive work session or a leisurely afternoon with friends.

Orange Creamsicle’s bud displays a unique color scheme that showcases its complex terpene profile. Its large, solid flowers taper slightly from base to tip, and their mossy green leaves are dotted with bright orange pistils and spattered with translucent white trichomes. When smoked, this strain delivers a smooth and easy smoke, with an aftertaste of orange and vanilla that lingers on the palate.