Morpheus: Dream Interpreter
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Morpheus is the god of dreams, both real and imaginary. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, dreams were often understood as a way of interpreting the hopes and fears of mortals. They could also, however, be a way to portray false realities that would lead people into unwise or harmful actions. Check this out:URL

This is a fascinating book that takes a deep dive into what it means to dream and the symbols that are found within them. It is an encyclopedia of sorts that showcases the research and history that went into this work and is a must-read for anyone who has ever been confused about what their dreams mean.

Harnessing the Power of Morpheus’ Dream Interpretation for Self-Discovery

Morpheus in Sandman is a complex character, in part because he’s not an individualized subjectivity, but rather the locus of a metaphysical logic that’s shaped by the Shaper and the Endless family. He’s the center of dreams as a symbol of hope, yet he resists being an agent of those dreams.

The resulting storyline is a mess, with each minor conflict resolved using a kind of dream logic that can’t convey minute-by-minute stakes, let alone big-picture concerns. It’s a story that needs a major overhaul, and it’s one that this adaptation does a good job of.

Sturridge’s performance here is excellent, with the right balance of haughtiness and wounded vulnerability. He also nails the competing aspects of this man that are forever roiling under his impassive surface. We see his brittle anger, the longing for connection, and his ability to — almost, but not quite — laugh at himself.