Keep Bread Fresh With a Bread Box
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Keep bread fresh with a bread box

One of the best things about bread box a good bread box is that it keeps your bread from getting moldy. Leaving bread in a plastic bag on the counter can make it stale, dry, and squishy before you even get to eat it.

Not only that, but it can also help to keep your kitchen tidy because you don’t have a bunch of food lying around everywhere. Instead, it’ll be in a separate box out of the way.

You can find plenty of stylish, functional bread boxes out there that will fit in with your home’s aesthetic. Some of them are even cradle-to-cradle certified, which means they are made using recycled materials and that they’re better for the environment.

Why Every Home Needs a Bread Box: The Benefits of Bread Storage Done Right

Modern designs paired with traditional wood or ceramic finishes are all on the market, so you can choose something that’s a perfect match for your kitchen. Aside from looking great, a good bread box should have some sort of airflow, which helps to keep condensation away from your bread and prevent it from getting moldy.

If you’re into modern design, this stainless steel roll top bread bin is a gorgeous option that comes in a variety of colors. The frosted plexiglass lid lets you see inside without making it look cluttered, and the non-slip feet protect your countertops from scratches.

If you’re not a fan of the modern style, this earth-friendly bread bin from Laura’s Green Kitchen is another option that’s sure to complement any kitchen decor. It features a two-tier construction and durable plexiglass windows that allow you to display your baked goods while keeping them fresh. Magnetic locks are also included to ensure your bread stays safe from ants and other pests.