How to Optimize Your Facebook Engagement
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Optimize Your Facebook Engagement

As a business owner or social media manager, your job is to constantly create content that engages your audience. Facebook posts with the highest levels of engagement are more likely to be shown in users’ news feeds. So the more likes, shares and comments you can get on a post, the better. Find out

However, with recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, some brands are struggling to get the results they once had. Fortunately, there are still ways to improve your Facebook engagement and beat the new algorithm.

For starters, it’s time to take a closer look at your own top performing posts. Take note of the subject matter, type of content and even the format of your most engaging posts – this will give you an idea of what your audience wants to see from you on Facebook.

Mastering the Art: How to Optimize Your Facebook Engagement Like a Pro

You can also use a social media management tool such as Sprout to track engagement for all of your posts, making it easy to see which pieces are driving the most interaction for your brand. Once you know which types of content your audience responds best to, it’s easier to recreate similar posts in the future.

For example, this gym wear brand capitalized on a popular trend to drive tons of Facebook engagement with their post about “How to avoid ‘Very British Problems’”. The post features a catchy, relatable photo with a little humor which is sure to make people smile and share the post.