How to Design a Custom Round Label
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custom round label

Custom round label  are an excellent shape for most applications, ranging from a simple custom logo to a badge-like look. They’re easily peel-able, stick-able and fit most types of artwork. They’re also available in many different sizes and materials.

When designing a round label, there are some important tips to keep in mind. First, avoid adding a border around the circle. Those borders create a visual effect called “circle shifting.”

Second, don’t create concentric circles in your design. They create a circular look that can make it difficult to read your design.

Third, consider removing the background or adding a patterned background for a more interesting and eye-catching look. This can help make your design look more focused and clean.

Four, keep your round labels’ designs in line with the product or container they’re applied to. This means you may need to choose a label material that will protect your design in storage conditions.

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Five, use a layout template to help ensure your design will print accurately. This will help you avoid a potential misprint that could result in damaged products.

Six, be sure to include bleed in your design. This is the extra space that will be left on the edge of your label, as well as a caution line and trim line.

Our online design tools make it easy to create and print a custom label for your project. Whether you’re creating an eye-catching product label or a fun school rewards sticker, you can have a great looking design created by an experienced designer.