Heavy Duty Steel Casters
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Heavy duty steel casters can be used for a variety of applications. They are typically attached to the bottom of material handling equipment or carts. Many industries use them including construction, food service, warehouse, and medical.

How do you size a caster?

They are available in rigid and swivel designs. The former is often made of forged steel with a slight crown to help rollability. The latter uses a kingpin that holds the ball bearings together. Both types have rubber tires to provide cushioned, non-slip transportation.

Swivel heavy duty steel casters are designed for floor tracking and forklift trucks. Their swivel mechanism reduces swivel force and improves workplace ergonomics.

These types of casters have two ball raceways to offer smooth swiveling action. Typically, each wheel has a load capacity of 750 to 2400 pounds.

Stainless steel casters are highly resistant to corrosive conditions. They are ideal for harsh environments, including those found in the chemical and food service industries. Some models have a corrosion-resistant finish that makes them appropriate for outdoor use.

Casters for outdoor use can be either pneumatic or semi-pneumatic. Pneumatic casters provide cushioned ride and are safer. Semi-pneumatic models are less noisy and provide better movement on uneven terrain.

Stainless steel casters are best for applications in wet or corrosive environments, such as food processing and institutional settings. They are also ideal for applications exposed to cleaning agents, steam, and caustic solutions.

Hamilton’s heavy duty steel casters are designed for demanding applications. These casters can handle loads of up to 10 tons.