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The aggregator’s catalog lists companies that are licensed in Florida to assist you with selecting real estate properties for investment or permanent residence. You can find detailed information about each company’s operations, as well as their customer feedback.More info:landboss.net

The most popular reason to use a Florida land trust is to keep ownership of real estate private and confidential. The trustee’s name will appear on public records but the beneficial owners (called beneficiaries) remain anonymous. The trustee may be an individual or legal entity. Beneficiaries may be residents of any state, including Florida. Land trusts are flexible and can be structured to meet a wide variety of purposes.

Pros of a Land Trust:

A Florida land trust offers many benefits to property owners. It can reduce tax liability by avoiding transfer and gift taxes and can simplify transactions. It can also protect assets from unforeseen circumstances, such as bankruptcy or death. It can also avoid probate and provide greater flexibility in transferring property to heirs.

Cons of a Land Trust:

A land trust is not a solution for all property owners. It may not protect the owner from lawsuits filed by a problem tenant or avoid any property-related tax consequences. It can also be complicated to set up and maintain, so it is important to consult with a lawyer.

Shannon Ravenel is a Real Estate Abstractor for Florida Land Title and Trust Co., Inc. She is a graduate of Marianna High School and Chipola Junior College, and she enjoys discovering the history of each property. She is passionate about ensuring that our customers are informed throughout the real estate process and that they receive clear titles at closing.