Choosing Large Wheel Casters
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large wheel casters

Casters provide a way to move heavy equipment or furniture across floors, but you need to choose the right ones. There are many factors to consider when choosing casters, including size, material and construction.

Large wheel casters are designed to carry heavier loads and make moving equipment easier. They are typically used for industrial applications and can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

They reduce the effort required to move equipment and help reduce the risk of injury, particularly in crowded work environments. They also help speed up movement of component parts and inventory within plants, making storage and manufacturing operations more efficient.

Large Wheel Casters: The Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Ones for Your Heavy-Duty Applications

Some of these wheels are even designed with thread guards, which prevent string and other debris from collecting in the casters. These features are especially useful in textile plants, where they can significantly cut down on the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates in casters.

These wheels are manufactured from a tough, high-quality polyurethane that absorbs shock and wears down less quickly than other casters. They are fitted with double precision ball bearings that provide smooth and silent movement of the wheel.

The casters are backed by a durable steel bracket that keeps the load distributed in a balanced manner. This ensures that the caster is stable, even under heavy loading conditions.

The casters are available in various sizes and materials, from soft plastic to rubber. It is important to consider how the casters will be used, as cheaper options can scratch or damage floors over time.