Athena Weapons Detection System
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The Athena Weapons Detection System is an effective and affordable way to prevent gun crimes in schools and businesses. It uses artificial intelligence and cloud technology to spot guns, alerting authorities if necessary.

What are the benefits associated with Athena?

The system is a multi-sensor walk-through metal detector that passes the federal standard for accuracy and is 10x faster than legacy metal detectors. Its sensors include magnetometer, induction, lidar, thermal, visual camera, and artificial intelligence technologies.

It can be set up outdoors and can also be mobile for event-style security. Using multiple sensors, the Athena Weapons Detection System can identify weapons before they go off. It can be combined with a thermal camera, which can also identify concealed guns under clothing.

In addition to identifying guns, the system can also identify explosives and other dangerous materials. It can also be used to identify people who may be committing a crime.

Athena AI’s Computer Vision Architecture for the Teal 2 enables high-speed tracking and, at slower speeds, in-depth data exploitation, allowing it to identify people and weapons at night, as well as Identification Friend or Foe markers like Cyalume HALOs and IR beacons.

The patented Athena AI platform is network and feed agnostic, which means it can be adapted to any ISR feed or point cloud data service. It can support rapid in-field target-set updates, ensuring warfighters have accurate and up-to-date information.

The Athena Weapons Detection solution is available for purchase or lease and can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Its price will vary based on the size of the area being monitored, number of cameras, and other features.