Intelligent Merchandising – Take Control of Your Future Success


Whether it’s ensuring the right sizes are in stock, or delivering the most relevant recommendations to shoppers, intelligent merchandising makes every decision based on data. This allows buyers and merchandisers to take more accurate decisions in near or even real-time, giving them a much greater opportunity to improve final margin and reduce waste.

intelligent merchandising, merchandisers can be freed from manual, time-consuming admin tasks to focus on creative and strategic initiatives, making them more valuable to the business. Merchandising AI is helping retailers take control of their future success by positioning customer-centricity at the heart of their eCommerce omnichannel operations.

The Art and Science of Intelligent Merchandising: A Comprehensive Guide

Intelligent merchandising automates the creation of dynamic product displays across websites, apps and in-store environments. It takes into account shopper behaviour, inventory levels and seasonal trends to ensure product recommendations and placement are relevant, effective and optimised.

Price intelligence allows retailers to set prices in line with consumer demand, competitor pricing and availability. This helps maximise revenue and profits by optimizing price elasticity and improving sales forecasting for products.

AOV is 26% higher when shoppers click on AI-powered product recommendations. Findify uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyse the browsing and purchase history of individual shoppers, then suggests products that align with their tastes and needs to increase cross-selling opportunities.

AI can make a significant contribution to shelf execution for direct-distributed brands. By automatically capturing and returning immediate guidance to field reps, it supports them in achieving better compliance with brand guidelines, reduces out-of-stocks and improves the shopping experience for customers. AI can also be used for merchandising forecasting, enabling retailers to plan ahead and avoid running out of stock during key events.