Caster Heavy Duty

Caster Heavy Duty

The caster heavy duty are the critical hardware that are attached to the bottom of carts, dolly, and material handling equipment. They are used in a wide range of applications and industries including medical, automotive, warehouse, shopping carts among others.

They are typically available in two types – swivel and rigid casters. Swivel casters are more versatile, allowing for a complete 360deg rotation to facilitate maneuverability when moving and turning in tight spaces.

In the industrial sector, they are required in a large number of manufacturing and assembly lines to transport super heavy parts across the line and into the final production. They are also needed in the movement of equipment such as cranes, dozers and other heavy machines.

Maximizing Efficiency and Safety with Heavy Duty Casters

Extra Heavy Wheel casters are the next level of heavy duty casters and they are manufactured specifically to carry loads of over 450 lbs. They are made from a variety of materials and are designed in a manner that they can absorb all the shocks that may occur during usage.

Stainless Steel, cast iron, carbon steel and other materials are used to make these casters. They are made in such a way that they can resist corrosion and wear.

They are the ideal solution for a variety of demanding applications and are preferred in the aerospace, automotive, heavy fabrication and manufacturing industries. Their higher weight capacities, thicker top plates and legs help them stand up to the toughest conditions.